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M-Craft’s range provides a single source for innovative drainage solutions that are designed to perform and engineered to last. Covering everything from soil drainage to internal water drainage there’s the system to suit any plumbing need for construction projects of all kinds that can meet and exceed expectations.


Waterproofing is a key element in protecting your property investments. The damage done to concrete, decks or roofing by water can be prevented with the proper water sealing.  Waterproofing is as important to the finished product as is its design and foundation.


Water Reticulation is basically the water distribution network and once the water has been collected and treated it needs to get to the consumer. Water is supplied today most commonly through an infrastructure of pipes. These pipes are most commonly constructed from plastic, metal (ferric) or concrete. Water is delivered by making use of the scientific principles of pressure and the energy created delivers the water to its destination.


Desalination of water is the process of removing soluble salts from water to make it suitable for drinking, irrigation, or industrial uses. The principal methods used for desalination include distillation, electro dialysis, ion exchange, and reverse osmosis.


We offer the best agricultural solutions, providing the latest technology in irrigation systems. This is done by offering a quality and personalized service, attending to the different needs of our customers.

These are our passion, and after 5 years we haven’t not lost the illusion to continue being a company committed to the irrigation sector, always focused on its desire to excel, and on the best use of water.


M-Craft have been providing water well drilling services in Kenya. Our experience and equipment are second to none, and we look forward to using them to help you with your next residential or industrial drilling project.