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Taking on a new construction project is a bid deal.
Thank goodness you found us.

This is who we are:

M-Craft Builders Ltd was incorporated in 2014 from humble beginnings but with unparalleled single-mindedness. The company has continued to offer vital products, services and jobs which, in turn, create a better quality of life for East African people.
Our growing reputation for excellence, resourcefulness and responsiveness is no accident. It is a natural consequence of the values that have guided our company since its founding. The include:

  • an energetic enthusiasm for what we do
  • a sensitivity to the needs of our customers
  • a willingness to accept total responsibility and
  • crafts-man like pride in knowing that what we build will last for generations


While some in our industry might find these attitudes old-fashioned, we believe they are why knowledgeable businesses, organizations and architects throughout our region place their confidence and their trust in us. Simply put, we think it is a better way to build.

M-Craft Builders Ltd service is based on “hands-on” project management.
Our strength is the ability to schedule concurrent short and long-term construction activities and then effectively manage both for timely project completion. We consistently meet and beat our customers’ construction deadlines.

Today M-Craft employs over 50 people which include experience professional staff and a field force of over 20 journeyman, carpenters, apprentices and laborers all focused on one goal, that the services provided exceed the expectations of our customer.


Our Core Values:

Business ethics Customer focus Organizational and professional pride Mutual respect and trust Innovation and speed Total quality for excellence